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My name is Corrie LoGiudice, but you can call me Corrie Lo!

I speak about activating extraordinary action to help audiences stay motivated… no matter how overwhelmed they feel.

I’m a business strategist, coach, and professional keynote speaker who by society’s standards has no business being any of the above.  I actually have a very expensive piece of paper that says I can draw really well...
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Get Foolproof Strategies to Activate Action

After an hour with Corrie, your audience will have the tools they need to:

  • Increase self-awareness and confidence
  • Set clear, actionable goals
  • Proactively seek the tools, resources, and support they need
  • Think and act clearly and confidently
  • Create consistent, reliable habits

Don’t wait another month to get the tools for achieving your audience’s personal and professional goals.

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Unstuck Yourself : Your Foolproof Strategy to Activate Extraordinary Action


It’s common to become so overwhelmed in your life and work that you feel “stuck”. However, it’s actually a positive sign.  It’s a queue that something in your current strategy needs to be adapted to your current reality.

In this session, Corrie shares with your audience the 5 “overwhelm culprits” that could be holding back their progress and what exactly to do about them.  After, they’ll have a framework they can implement immediately the next time they feel overwhelmed so they can take continued action, no matter their circumstances.

In this session they will learn:

  • The 5 “overwhelm culprits” and how they affect their life, career or business.
  • The two different scenarios that motivate people into action, either willingly or unwillingly.
  • A proven, easy to use framework to manage overwhelm and activate extraordinary action fast.
  • How to manage any situation that comes their way, increasing their confidence and security.
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