How Motivation Can Be Driven by Inspiration

I get asked a lot what the secret to motivation is and its importance.  The truth is, motivation is different for everyone, but there’s one common thread I’ve noticed most every successful individual ties to it.  Inspiration.

Today on the show I’m joined by author and podcaster Scott Kujak. The subject of motivation comes up several times throughout our discussion and with good reason.  It’s the inspiration he’s gained by observing those he’s loved in the very trenches of adversity that fuels his own motivation today.

By the end of our conversation, you’ll be challenged to look at your own experiences differently, as well as those around you.  By doing so, you’ll be able to harness this inspiration as fuel for your own personal growth.  

Episode Highlights:

  • Scott’s experience growing up in an emotionally abusive household. (01:43)
  • How Scott used team sports to cope with his childhood environment (02:43)
  • How his college experience at TCU helped Scott social skills by recognizing both diversity and adversity. (05:48)
  • How balancing playing football 40 hours a week, his pre-med program and working 2-3 jobs all at the same time taught him about perseverance. (07:11)
  • Scott’s secret on how to stay motivated (9:01)
  • Scott shares about his friendship with Phil, including his battle with cancer and the incredible influence he had in his life (10:50)
  • Scott shares his final moments with Phil and how his death impacted him (13:32)
  • How Scott’s inspiration from Phil’s perseverance led him to create the Underdog Podcast. (16:02)
  • The surprising reasons Scott took up boxing following his collegiate football career (18:10)
  • How sports have always been Scott’s outlet for maintaining his mental health and could be a good alternative for individuals who struggle with creativity. (21:27)
  • The importance of using your adversity as an opportunity to help others. (27:55)
  • The importance of allowing yourself to grieve (29:27)

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Scott Kujak Bio:

Scott Kujak is the host of the Underdog Podcast and recently published his first book, Underdog – True Stories of Overcoming Adversity, which features 10 guest stories from the first 40 episodes of the podcast. Scott began his podcast after he witnessed his best friend from college battle stage 4 colon cancer, and now he interviews people who have overcome tremendous odds in many different areas of life from famous athletes to amputee war veterans. He currently resides in Austin, Texas, and is the 2-time defending Golden Gloves Super Heavyweight Boxing Champion of Austin. He hopes to inspire you in your own fight against adversity.

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