How to Overcome Adversity in Your Life Now

Everyone has a hard knock life. But some of us get knocked around way more than the rest of us.

Today’s guest, Michael K Jackson, has been wrung through the ringer. In his lifetime he’s experienced pretty much every facet of loss ranging from jobs, homes, bankruptcy, divorce, death, and natural disasters.

But Michael chose not to let his adversity get the best of him. Instead, he chose to make adversity his advisor, and not his adversary. In our conversation today, you’ll learn some practical methods to change your thinking around your life challenges so you can start using them to your advantage, instead of stopping you in your tracks.

Episode Highlights:

  • Michael’s shares his idyllic childhood growing up on the island of Saint Thomas (00:36)
  • Michael shares how the recession of 1990 affected his dreams of attending college in NYC and later how that transitioned into him joining the Air Force. (03:37)
  • Michael and Corrie discuss how not everyone in the Airforce is a pilot, and how as a child he had hoped to be one (06:17)
  • Michael shares how his Air Force experience allowed him to get his undergraduate degree as well as a position in the telecom industry afterward (08:09)
  • Michael talks about reaching three goals he set for himself, including getting his MBA, buying a home and making six figures all before the age of 30. He also shares his motivation for it (09:10).
  • Michael shares how losing everything he worked so hard for brought him back to god and his own spirituality (11:21).
  • Michael talks about how after unsuccessfully searching for jobs he decided to create his own, and how he did it. (16:25).
  • Michael shares how he once again had to start over following a divorce and bankruptcy. (20:13).
  • Michael discusses his challenges in dedicating himself to a blended family and how he and his family have used their experience to help others today (23:50).
  • Michael shares how his most challenging relationship as a result of his blended family has now become the most beautiful one (26:40).
  • Michael shares how Alzeheimers recently touched his life. (27:51).
  • Michael tells of his life-changing experience following the aftermath of the horrendous 2017 hurricane season in the Carribean. (29:46)
  • Michael discusses how he’s contributed to hurricane relief efforts following his tragic loss (36:13).
  • Michael shares his PLAN framework for helping people navigate adversity, utilizing prayer, listening, acting and notating (38:42).
  • Michael shares how to make adversity your advisor and not your adversary (42:22).

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Michael K Jackson Bio:

Michael K. Jackson is a Caribbean American inspirational speaker, business trainer, writer, public servant, and entrepreneur with over two decades of business and government leadership experience. He is an expert on the topic of resilience and overcoming adversity. As Founder and CEO of Michael K. Jackson International, LLC he is on a mission to inspire, empower and equip leaders, entrepreneurs and business professionals of faith around the world to “bounce back from setbacks and build back stronger”. He has overcome significant challenges in his personal and professional life that have prepared him to guide you on your journey to success. Through his inspirational keynote speeches and workshops as well as through his “Build Back Stronger” blog, he provides leaders with proven strategies and techniques to overcome adversity and become more resilient so they can be more profitable, more productive and have more peace of mind.
Michael holds the ASTD (ATD) Master Trainer and NASBITE Certified Global Business certifications. He also earned an MBA in International Business from American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, GA and a B.S. in Government & Politics from the University of Maryland’s (UMUC-Europe) campus in Heidelberg, Germany. He is a proud veteran of the U.S. Air Force. Michael was born in St. John’s, Antigua and raised in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. He lost his father during the storm when Hurricane Maria slammed St. Thomas as a Category 5 hurricane in 2017. As a result of this tragedy, he was inspired to lead teams of church volunteers to help rebuild the island and to help people rebuild their lives.
Forever changed, this experience inspired him to leverage his decades-long business, government and ministry leadership experience to build more resilient leaders by helping them shift their mindset about adversity. Michael is lives in Maryland, USA with his wife, and he is the proud father of 4 daughters. When he’s not speaking, writing or otherwise inspiring audiences around the globe, most of the time you can find him enjoying quality time at home with his family, reading a good book, exploring a new bike trail, or in the dojo sharpening his Japanese jujitsu skills.

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