The Secret of How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

the secret to work-life balance

Do you want to learn how to achieve work-life balance, but keep hearing it’s a myth?

Truth is, it’s a real thing. You can have it, but you really got to be clear on this one thing first before you can have it. 

Today I’m sharing the number one thing that you need to address so that you can ultimately achieve the work-life balance that you had initially started your business to try to have. 

How I learned how to achieve work-life balance

I’ve been a single mom since my son was five months old, so if there’s anybody who understands work-life balance, It’s me.

Over the years I discovered that I have a “tell” when my work balance isn’t working out for me.   When you figure out your own “tell”, it’ll make it a possibility for you too. 

What’s your “tell”?

If you’ve followed me for any length of time on my platforms, you’ll know I’m an overwhelmingly positive person.

When I’m overworked, I start getting really negative and stop engaging with other people.  I stop looking forward to going to work every day and am generally really low in energy.

These are all huge “tells” for me.  Worse yet, when I get this way I start taking action on things that aren’t necessarily in alignment with my priorities.

The danger when you’re not balanced

When I’m overworked, I also have a tendency to want to force outcomes as well as to take whatever action necessary in order to make it happen. 

So if I wasn’t aware of my “tell” and how I get when I’m working too much, then it would be that much more difficult for me to realign and refocus my work so that I’m back in balance again. It also helps me not feel as negative and I can bring my positive energy back.

How to achieve it

For me, once I am able to identify it’s happening, I then make some changes to my habits to force myself back into balance.

For each and every individual business owner, this is gonna be different but here are some things that can help.

  • Try working less.  Either shorter hours or adding a few 3 day weekends.
  • Get clear on your immediate priorities
  • Say no to anything that isn’t a priority

Want even more actionable strategies? You can check out this post too.

In Summary

One of the easiest ways to keep your work-life balance in check is by identifying your “tells”.  

That way once you notice yourself starting to feel them, you can take a few steps back to recharge, reprioritize, and rebalance.

how to achieve work-life balance

Have a question on how to make this work for you? Leave a comment, I’m here to help.