Start Your Business and Land Your First Paying Customer in Eight Weeks

(Without investing in complex websites, social media content, or ads)

You've decided to finally take that big, scary bet on yourself and go all-in on your dreams of starting a business. 

You’ve learned everything you can about sales and marketing while scouring the internet for articles, tutorials, and free cheat sheets.  But there’s so many different strategies and solutions, that it has you feeling paralyzed.

You’re stuck on what step to take, and are absolutely terrified of taking the wrong one.  The lack of confidence makes you feel like an entrepreneur imposter.

Every day that passes by is a reminder of what’s not working for you in your life.  

Waking up early every morning to commute, showing up at an office, doing tasks you're not really passionate about, and spending time away from your family..., all at the expense of your own freedom? It’s excruciating.

You want more for yourself and your family.  You want the flexibility to be able to choose when and where you work, and for how much.  You want the ability to be able to surpass your own income goals, and not be capped by what your employer is willing to pay you.

What you truly want is FREEDOM.  

Every day that passes that you don’t bring in income for your new business is a painful reminder you still don’t have a real business, or control, just yet.

I know exactly how this feels,
because I’ve lived it.

At one point in time, I was the third generation to be running my family’s regional distribution business.  I was a Senior Vice President, and I was incredibly invested in my career.

Even as a six figure executive, I still didn’t feel in control.

As a single mother, I’d often have to leave early in the morning before my son woke up, and only got to spend about an hour with him in the evenings when I got home before he went back to bed.  The most I ever got to see him was through my home’s security camera system while I’d watch him play with our au pair.

Every single day, this broke my heart.  I knew this wasn’t normal, but I kept pushing on.  I didn’t feel I had a choice.

One day I decided to add up the number of hours I spent in a car commuting, while I paid our au pair to watch him.  It added up to twenty hours.

I was paying someone a part-time salary so I could go to my full time job.  It’s no wonder I felt like I had no control!

This ate away at me for years.  During this time I had entertained the thought of starting my own business, but never took action on it.  That is… until I had a pivotal life moment.

Pivotal life moments are the ones that happen throughout our lives where life after the event is always very different than life before.  Job losses, divorce, losing a loved one, a health crisis, are all events that magically inspire radical change in many.

For me, the pain of losing someone to suicide as enough for me to finally wake up and decide enough is enough!  Time for me to live my life the way I wanted to, and take back that control I’ve always strived for.

I quit my career cold turkey,

and got to work (for myself).

In less than 3 months… I had landed my first paying coaching clients, as well as multiple press features.

In less than 6 months… I built a podcast, YouTube show, and over 40k followers on social media.

In less than a year… I had added professional speaking to my revenue stream, and landed a TEDx talk.

I’m not the only one to have landed my first paid clients in a matter of weeks...

I’ve since built my business on helping others learn to do the same.  Here’s what my clients have to say…

This Marketing Professional Went from Laid Off, To Creating Her Own Agency and Signing 3 Clients in 4 Weeks

This Former Lawyer Made Her Side-Hustle
Into a Full Time Coaching Business

This Luxury Fashion Director Started Her Own Consultancy in a New (and In-Demand) Niche

This Personal Training Grad Sold Out Her Group Fitness Classes (and Landed 1:1 Clients) in 6 weeks

Sade Jones

Time Management Coach

"One huge win was getting my first not one, but two clients."

I got clients really quickly and that felt amazing! It was very validating that my business would actually make money, and then I could actually do this full-time. That people would pay me to give them help with their time management. It just felt really, really great to monetize my skills and know that I had the potential to be a full-time entrepreneur.

Ready to officially validate your new business (and potential of becoming an entrepreneur) by landing your first, paying customer?


Over the course of eight weeks, you will learn…

My Foolproof (and 100% Customizable) Startup Strategies

You’ll learn comprehensive marketing and sales strategies that require zero upfront investment and are quick to market, so that you can begin to get the word out and land your first sale within the 8 weeks. 

The Cure to Entrepreneur Imposter Syndrome 

You’ll learn essential skills like how to create packages and pricing, conduct sales conversations that convert, create simple funnels, process payments and drafting your first invoice so you’ll feel confident you know exactly what to do when your first customer says YES to your offer. 

Tough Love (When You Need It) 

You’ll be held accountable to the program by both your coach as well as group participants so that you’ll be sure to see it through, land that first client, and officially become an entrepreneur.

The Validate Your Biz Blueprint Includes:

 Training & Resources

Content and training is delivered online over eight weeks.  Majority of students land their first paid client anywhere between  four to twelve weeks.


Every week you'll have access to a live group coaching call to discuss your progress.


You'll also receive access to the exclusive Facebook Group to connect with your peers (and program graduates), as well as get questions answered when you need to.

What We’ll Be Covering:

Phase One: Set Your Foundation


This module you’ll learn how to manage fear,  reframe negative thoughts, and build new habits.  This is essential so you can build up the necessary skills you’ll need to launch and grow your business.


This module you'll gain clarity on your passions, talents, experience & value.  This will help you determine what problems you can help people solve, what you can get paid to solve it, and choose the best business model in order to do it.


This module you'll figure out your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar), how you can help them, and where to find them.  This sets the stage for creating your offer, getting the word out, and converting people into clients in the Build Phase.

Phase Two: Build Your Business


This module you'll be creating packages and pricing that value your worth and solve your ICA’s problem.  This helps have confidence when talking to people about how you can help others as well as having them pay you for your expertise in the sales process.


This module you'll learn what to track in your business and why, how to invoice clients and accept payments, and how to create minimal yet effective systems for your specific needs.  Having these systems set up in advance will make it much easier to track your progress when you start marketing and selling your offers because you won’t be scrambling to figure things out on the fly, as well as have sufficient reporting to see what’s working and what’s not.


This module  you'll learn and implement fast, simple, zero-cost marketing strategies to get the word out.  You’ll be able to immediately start talking to people about your offer and who you serve, and set up your calendar for sales conversations in the coming weeks.


This module you'll learn how to pitch leads for both B2C & B2B, authentic (non-sleazy) sales skills, and how to utilize the 3 C’s sales script.  Now you’ll know exactly how to handle all the sales conversations you’ve booked as well as what to say to convert qualified leads into sales.


Phase Three: Scale to the Next Level


This module is designed to help you scale after you land your very first sale (however long that takes).  You'll create your game plan for using your new clients to make more clients, what to confidently invest in now that your business has been validated, and how to scale it to the next level.

It’s time to make a decision...

You can either continue to try to figure things out on your own, and run the risk of spending precious savings and limited time on tactics that may not produce any results.

Or, if you want to generate revenue as quickly as possible, you’re going to need to learn action-focused strategies.

Time spent creating social media content, tweaking websites, and experimenting with paid ads doesn’t help your bottom line today. Want to know what does help? Taking ACTION, by effectively communicating what you do, how you do it, and who you serve with the exact, target people you can help (or those who can put you in touch with them!).

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Imagine This...

The hardest decision of your day is figuring out where and when you want to work. Last week you decided if the weather was nice that you’d work from the pavilion at the local park (which has surprisingly great wifi!), so you head out and get set up there.

You open up your laptop to get started. Your inbox is filled with incoming requests to hire you, cleared payment alerts from the revenue hitting your account daily, and updates from satisfied clients who are so thankful to have found someone like you to help them.

After reviewing all your messages, you really get to work. You are finally able to leverage your true zone of genius, and are so incredibly grateful to finally be financially recognized for what you do best, on your own terms.

Time flies when you’re having fun! Before you know it… 5 hours has passed. It’s almost time to head out to meet a friend to catch up and have coffee. It pains you to have to shut down your computer when you’re on a roll, but you know you can pick up your work whenever you want to later in the day.

This may sound like a dream, but it doesn’t have to be. This is a typical day for me, as well as for my clients, regardless of what industry they are in. Each one of us at one point in time dreamed this dream, and are now actually living it.

Let’s make it a reality for you too. 


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