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Hi, I’m Corrie!

I’m a business strategist, coach, and professional keynote speaker who by society’s standards has no business being any of the above. 

I actually have a very expensive piece of paper that says I can draw really well...

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What They're Saying

“It’s a complete difference! Before coaching with Corrie, I was unmotivated, unfocused and had no clue how to get my business rolling. After coaching with Corrie, I went from 400 to over 2k followers, and have had some of my biggest traffic months yet!”

Kelly Rozick / Long Run Ohm

“Corrie is a POWERHOUSE speaker. She was able to capture and maintain the attention of our audience at our 2020 Vision Brunch. Her message was concise, motivating and aligned perfectly with our event theme. Multiple attendees from the event mentioned her as their favorite speaker! I’d recommend her as both a strategist and speaker.”

Sade Jones / 2020 Vision Brunch

“I have noticed so much change! Everything from a more positive mindset, to being able to recognize triggers within myself & choosing to have no reaction is a response. The changes in my business have been a whole 360. Corrie has been truly been placed in my path in divine timing!”

Brielle Frank / She is Controlled Chaos